WSDOT and ODOT work toward integrated train service between Eugene and B.C.

Washington and Oregon are creating a new partnership and will develop a plan for managing passenger-rail service between Eugene, Ore., and Vancouver, B.C., as one continuous rail corridor rather than two separate state operations. Washington Transportation Secretary Paula Hammond and Oregon Director of Transportation Matt Garrett say they will create a corridor management plan to include governance, centralizing fleet management, scheduling, budgeting and capital planning, with a goal of improving passenger-rail performance that benefits riders and economies in both states. Hammond and Garrett also announced the selection of John Sibold to fill a new position of Cascade Corridor director. Sibold will work with U.S. and Canadian border services to implement a customs pre-clearance program to reduce delays, and WSDOT will purchase eight high-speed locomotives. The goal is to add two daily roundtrips between Seattle and Portland, for a total of six each day. The improvements will reduce travel times and improve on-time performance.