“The Militarization of Main Street” April 10 at WSUV

Washington State University Vancouver (WSUV) invites the community to attend a free presentation, “The Militarization of Main Street,” to be held at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 10, in WSUV’s Dengerink Administration Building, room 110. Once reserved for emergency situations in which lives were in immediate danger, SWAT teams today are used to bust pot smokers, poker games, even to perform regulatory inspections. Speaker Radley Balko, senior writer and investigative journalist for Huffington Post, looks at the rise of SWAT teams and America’s increasingly militaristic approach to policing. To reserve your seat, RSVP online here. WSUV is located at 14204 N.E. Salmon Creek Ave. in Salmon Creek. Click here to read more.