The Junior Joy Team kicks off “Random Acts of Kindness Week” at Vancouver City Hall Feb. 13

"The Joy Team" by Ava, age six

The Junior Joy Team, a shorter and more adorable segment of The Joy Team, will be planting seeds of joy in the heart of its hometown: Vancouver’s City Hall. Kicking off “Random Acts of Kindness Week” on Monday, Feb. 13, the inaugural group of ten Junior Joy Team kids, ranging in age from six to 11, will deliver little packets of happiness to all 260 city employees in City Hall, starting with Mayor Tim Leavitt and City Manager Eric Holmes. The packets, hand-packed by the kids in heart-covered bags, including candy, cards with positive messages, and drawings by the children. While at City Hall, the kids will learn about each city department and how the work of city employees improves our lives.

“The goal here is not only to help the children experience the warmth and happiness of spreading joy, optimism and inspiration,” says Joy Team founder Michele McKeag Larsen, “but also to strengthen the understanding in children of our interconnectedness and build their sense of community.”

The Junior Joy Team plans to spread joy, inspiration and optimism throughout the year. The kids have suggested visiting the Fire Department, Police Department, teachers, nurses, garbage collectors, construction workers, and others who work every day to make our lives better and more enjoyable. To learn more about what The Junior Joy Team and The Joy Team are doing, visit, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.