Salvation Army enjoys longevity among staff

On July 24, the local Salvation Army unit recognized a landmark anniversary when James Fitzgerald, director of warehouse operations, celebrated 15 years with the organization (click here to see the article in yesterday’s Daily Insider). Fitzgerald began his career with the Salvation Army soon after it assumed responsibility for the Stop Hunger Warehouse program from the Clark County Department of Community Services. Today, in cooperation with the Clark County Food Bank, the program has given out over 3.5 million pounds of food to 27 emergency food providers. The Salvation Army of Clark County also enjoys the long-term employment of three administrative staff—Steve Rusk has 25 years of service, and his administrative assistant Dianne Wiese, 15 years. JD Chandra, financial administrator, has 23 years with the organization. The community benefits from staff longevity in a variety of ways: deep community roots, long-lasting partnerships with service providers, and strong relationships which support meaningful programs serving some of the neediest in our community. To learn more, visit