Rumbles off coast remind us to be ready for quakes

Over the past few days, there have been many seismic rumbles along the West Coast. Los Angeles has experienced a few small quakes, and two quakes off the Oregon coast—registering 4.9 and 4.5 on the Richter scale—remind us that we live in an active seismic zone. A large, destructive earthquake could happen at any time. The current teaching about earthquake safety can be reduced to three key concepts: Drop. Cover. Hold on. If you’re indoors when a quake strikes, stay there. Get under a desk or table, move into a hallway or against an inside wall, and hang on. Stay away from windows, fireplaces, and heavy furniture or appliances. If you’re in the kitchen, get out. Don’t run up or down stairs. If you are outside, get into the open, away from buildings, power lines, chimneys, and anything else that might fall on you. If you’re driving, move out of traffic and stop carefully. Don’t stop under bridges, overpasses, trees, light posts, power lines, or signs. Stay inside your car until the shaking stops. For more tips about what to do during an earthquake, visit Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency at