“Keys to the City” puts “playable art” at your fingertips, Aug. 17-26

Vancouver’s School of Piano Technology for the Blind is bringing interactive art to a public space near you. “Keys to the City,” is a ten-day citywide music and arts program featuring ten pianos in local gathering spots. For the project, students from the school are preparing and tuning ten pianos and turning them over to local artists. The artistically enhanced pianos will be placed in locations all over Vancouver for viewing and playing from Friday, Aug. 17, through Sunday, Aug. 26. At the conclusion of the event, the pianos will be donated to local non-profit agencies. For piano locations and photos, visit www.pianotuningschool.org. Fans may also vote for their favorite pianos. To sponsor a piano or reserve a piano for your nonprofit organization, call 360-693-1511.