Just the Facts: The Daily Insider comes to an end

This photo of Tony was part of an article titled “Just the Fax: Newsletter is delivering” published in The Columbian in 1993.


Tony Bacon began faxing the Daily Insider to local decision makers back in 1991. He described it as a “communication device where they could hear more about each other in a less filtered way.” The newsletter’s success was due completely to the heart, spirit, and charisma of its creator. Within a few years, the Insider went from a free, weekly fax, to a subscription-based online enterprise, to a free news service with advertisers.

When he passed in 2009, his wife, Nancy, was encouraged by friends and family to continue his legacy. Knowing that she was not the true community “insider” that Tony was, she attempted to keep the bones of his news service, but also make it something new.

Nancy’s Insider promoted everything that makes Clark County special: International speakers that come to WSU Vancouver, annual galas for the Humane Society, The Port of Vancouver and its evolving Terminal I, concerts from the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, and happenings at the Fort, the Water Center and Clark College to name a few.

Closest to her heart are the organizations that help our community. The Insider shared information about the Free Clinic, RockSolid Teen Center, Council for the Homeless, YWCA Clark County, Children’s Center, Innovative Services, Fort Vancouver Regional Library, and countless others.

Today is the last day the Daily Insider will be published. The loss of primary advertisers has led Nancy to the decision to shut it down. We thank everyone for supporting Tony from the beginning, and for staying with the Insider when Nancy took the helm.