Junior Joy Team celebrates Words Matter Week

Members of The Junior Joy Team at Vancouver Community Libarary.

The first full week of March is “Words Matter Week.” To celebrate, The Junior Joy Team and friends have created a video about the power of words. The video was filmed at the new Vancouver Community Library, where words are plentiful and intended to be mindfully consumed. The kids share their favorite words, which include “love,” “joy,” “peace,” “believe,” and “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” The two-minute “Words Matter” video can be found here.

“The mission of The Joy Team, at its core, is all about the power of positive words,” says Michele McKeag Larsen, founder of The Joy Team.

The Joy Team is a Vancouver-based nonprofit corporation with the mission of spreading joy, optimism, and inspiration. In 2010, the organization put up 28 billboards with positive messages. On Aug. 23 of last year, The Joy Team involved over 300 people in 22 U.S. states, France, and The Netherlands to spread optimism using sidewalk chalk. They have also started an online directory of organizations working for joy, kindness and love, which can be found at www.JoyKindnessAndLove.com. To learn more about The Joy Team, visit http://thejoyteam.org.