iQ Credit Union provides Clark College with funds for unique antibiotic research

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iQ Credit Union has provided Clark College with funding for curriculum development for first-of-its-kind antibiotic research led entirely by students. Called the Small World Initiative, Clark College has teamed up with two dozen universities and colleges from across the nation including Yale, UConn, Drexel University and WSU Pullman to launch a pilot course that tests soil organisms for antibiotics.

The Credit Union has provided funding for Clark to develop lesson plans and the purchase of bacteria samples not grown in the Northwest. The course goes beyond a standard microbiology course that requires testing a few well-known substances in test tubes in a laboratory setting, to exploring and researching the more than 30,000 species of bacteria that live in one cubic foot of soil.

The course-called Biology 280-is a five-credit course open to 22 students who are interested in science. There are no prerequisites, except for an eagerness for discovery. More options in this subject are expected to be available in the fall quarter.