Fundraising reception for Tim Probst Aug. 28 with Maria Cantwell, Brad Owen

The community is invited to a fundraising reception for Tim Probst with special guests Sen. Maria Cantwell and Lt. Governor Brad Owen from 12:30 to 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 28, at the home of Paul and Jane Jacobsen. The event is hosted by Al and Maggie Bauer, Tony Golik, Ellen Joslin, Steve Horenstein, Jamie Howsley, Doug Lasher, Betty Sue Morris, Jim Sellers, and Deb Wallace.

Suggested contributions are $100, $500, or $900. The maximum contribution allowed is $1800 per couple or $900 per person, company, or organization. Contributions are not tax-deductible. All funds solicited in connection with this event are for Probst and not Cantwell. For location and directions, RSVP to Morgan McClincy at or 360-989-7817.