CRESA switches to new notification system, test Dec. 7

CRESA (Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency) is switching to a new public alert and emergency notification system. An initial test of the system will take place on Dec. 7. The test will deliver alerts to about 1,000 phone numbers in La Center, and nearly 9,000 residents throughout Clark County who had previously registered with a former alert provider.

This new system provides multiple new options for each individual to choose how they receive important notifications. By registering, residents can choose to receive alerts for locations of interest by email, text message, or multiple phone numbers. Once an account is created users can easily adjust their preferences and manage their notification subscriptions.

CRESA relies on this system to quickly send alerts in emergency situations, and allows them to draw boundaries on a map to help target the alert to the communities impacted by the emergency. In addition, the new system will give each city or jurisdiction in Clark County the tools to share urgent notifications with their community.

These non-emergency notifications may include, but are not limited to utility service disruptions, road closures, and community announcements and news. Once registered at users can manage the types and locations of urgent and community alerts they would like to receive.