Clark County Food Bank congratulates James Fitzgerald on 15 years of service

James Fitzgerald

James Fitzgerald celebrates 15-years of bringing food to hungry people in his work with the Clark County Food Bank (CCFB). Fitzgerald is a member of the Salvation Army in Clark County and is currently the director of warehouse operations in the newly built 22,000-square-foot warehouse completed with government and private donor funds this past year. His contributions include receiving and delivery of nearly four million pounds of food in the past fiscal year, along with interfacing with the 29 partner agencies and programs throughout Clark County.

As a grower, gleaner and supplier of foods to 29 local hunger relief organizations, CCFB is the critical link between food and people in need. In fiscal year 2012, CCFB distributed 3.9 million pounds of food to partner organizations that gave out over 10,000 food boxes per month to more than 25,000 homes in Clark County. Children and teenagers make up 39% of those that are fed. In addition, CCFB is fighting hunger at its roots by teaching low-income families how to plan for and prepare nutritional meals. CCFB is a member of the Oregon Food Bank network. For more information, visit