Clark College hires Jane Beatty to over see statewide organizational changes


Jane Beatty, photo courtesy of Clark College.

In anticipation of upcoming statewide changes to the community and technical college system, Clark College recently hired experienced manager Jane Beatty to help guide the college through what will be a complicated but beneficial transition.

“As our new Director of Change Management, Jane Beatty’s deep industry experience and understanding of systems implementation will really benefit Clark College,” says Clark College President Robert K. Knight. “She will be a great addition to the college and the executive leadership team.”

Beatty has been hired to oversee changes occurring across the college. Her first task is to oversee the college’s adaptation of ctcLink, a new, standardized system of online functions. In this position, which is expected to run for about five years, Beatty will identify organizational changes required to make ctcLink successful at the college; represent the college in statewide discussions about ctcLink; and ensure that the college adheres to its schedule for ctcLink implementation. She will also work closely with stakeholders from all departments affected by ctcLink-departments.