Book launch celebration for local poet Herb Stokes this Saturday

7962141-a34fea2f5e1424e9769f8c1ca454648bA book launch celebration for A Chorus of One: Selected Poetry and Prose by Herb Stokes, edited by Annie Davern will be held at Angst Gallery this Saturday, April 22. This event is presented by Printed Matter Vancouver founders Toni Partington and Christopher Luna. Partington and Luna also co-host Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic, the popular monthly poetry series in which Stokes has been a regular participant for many years. “Herb Stokes is an essential member of the Vancouver poetry community,” says Luna. “His sharp wit and ability to get to the heart of the matter while remaining compassionate is a marvel to behold. When Herb steps to the mic, the entire room lights up, and everyone knows that they’re about to witness something special. I can’t imagine the Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic without him.” Learn more about the event at: