Banner Advertising

Submission guidelines:

The Daily Insider does not prepare ads or provide graphic design services.

Ads must be submitted “camera ready” for inclusion with the link/URL embedded.

For graphic design services, we recommend Muller Design Studio,

Various Ad Sizes and Parameters

Download the PDF


450 W x 175 H pixels (appears after the first and second News Stories)
260 W x 260 H pixels (appears in the right sidebar)

File Format

GIF, JPEG, PNG or SWF files may be used

File Size

GIF / JPG / PNG: 30 Kb
Flash (SWF): 40 Kb

Click Thru URL

A linking URL (click thru) must be submitted for each ad.
(please see below for important process for click thrus with flash)


Advertiser must provide a .swf file

NOTE: Flash ads have limited mobile phone support. To ensure your ad displays on all devices consider an animated GIF or JPG ad.

Click Thru with Flash
All linking URLs must be embedded (hard-coded) in the .swf file. This may be done through the getURL command. Example:

on (release) {
getURL(" , "_blank");
} ;

Please refer to the following instructions for further details: